Broken Fences

by Broken Fences

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released June 1, 2012

Thanks to all of the people who made this album possible: Nathan Zoob, our best friend and advocate, for everything he's put into this project and believing in our band. Our families, friends, and Jeff Mas for his generosity. All of our Kickstarter backers for their support, financial and otherwise. To AcoustiCafe Pittsburgh for creating the environment for our music to grow. And thank you Louie, for keeping us company at the studio and being a dog.

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Words and Music to tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 by Morgan Erina
Words and Music to tracks 2, 4, 6, 10, and 12 by Guy Russo
Morgan Erina - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth
Guy Russo - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Synth, String Arrangements
Dave Hidek - Percussion, Synth, String Arrangments
Dave Throckmorton - Drums
Jason Rafalak - Upright Bass, Bass Guitar
Matt Pickart - Violin, Viola
Rachel Smith - Cello
Brad Yoder - Soprano Saxophone

Produced by Dave Hidek and Broken Fences
Additional production by Nathan Zoob
Recorded and Mixed by Dave Hidek At Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, PA except track 12 recorded by Tim Mulhern at Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios



all rights reserved


Broken Fences Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Broken Fences is Morgan Erina & Guy Russo, an indie-folk duo from Pittsburgh. Their powerful songs and stunning harmonies have earned them rapt audiences and comparisons to Bon Iver and Simon & Garfunkel. In 2011 their first single “Wait,” was featured on Ion network’s hit drama “Flashpoint.” ... more

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Track Name: Song for You
Voices captured
Long road ahead
Not looking for a meaning
Breathing in my lovers bed

I don’t want to scare you
but I’m feeling your soul
If lovers prayer scares you
tell me I should go

Whispers on guitar strings strung
Whispers of pasts undone
How is it that you’ve caught me so completely
when I’ve had this wall built around me?

Always your eyes
Always your words
Always your voice

Forgetting how to breath
Always put my mind at ease
Strip away fear of the past
Praying that this music lasts
Track Name: Reach
Let me reach this world without a question or a prayer
Let me reach this world without a reason
Let me walk away before I undo what was done
Let me walk away before I hurt you

I would understand if you would rather be alone
I would understand if you won't see me
Something tells me I won't be the last friend you will know
Something tells me you won't be mine either

But even so
I thought you'd know

I will close the door and say goodbye
Goodbye to you
I won't take a moment of your time

Everyone you meet will have story they can tell
Everyone has something new to offer
You might not remember me but I can promise you
I will not forget what we have been through
Track Name: Simplicity
Are you ready to go out
or do you think it’s going to hurt
Cause I could see you in an hour
I always fade in front of you
It’s cause I don’t know what to do
or where to put my eyes

I can see the colors of simplicity
Oh my, its so bright

I didn’t do a thing
I’m just sitting here to sing
Your disappointment is rising
Could we wait another day
Hopefully this goes away
I know I’m not helping much

Oh I can see the sun

I apologize for taking
a break from life again
I’m trying to make amends
to myself and everyone
I don’t want to hold the gun anymore
cause I might twitch a little bit.
Track Name: Today It's Raining on Just You
I never want to see your face again
I beg and plead
It’s a funny place it’s a funny
emotion that I can’t escape I guess
it’s chained to me
It’s an ugly face

It’s a law that everyone’s scared of love sometimes
Everyone’s scared of love sometimes
but I don’t want to see myself that way

I’m running like a mouse in a maze to find
my way to you
It’s a lonely place, it’s a lonely
adventure to the top of the world
I don’t know what to do
It’s a terrible maze

Circle back you lost a friend
Circle back you’re lost again
it’s raining
on just you

I love you but I never trust myself
to see complete
If I make a mistake, if I lose you
I’ll never ever feel the same
to let my own heart beat
Cause I’ve seen it before

And I’ve seen that everyone’s scared of love sometimes
Everyone’s scared of love sometimes
but I don’t want to see myself that way
Track Name: Digital 60s
For the love of everyone
for the love of my mother
Can we all just get along
and love each other

The music you make I relate to
With the words you sing
the meaning comes through

Life is to short to hide it
how I feel
When I say I love you
it's real

Don't make me laugh
cause I don't want smile
But then I think, why not?
It's been awhile

Are you stepping on my shoes
or are you just dancing?
This world is too old
to be taken for granted

Emotions get lost
through all the wires
But if music doesn't speak
call me a liar
Track Name: Listen to My Voice
Listen to the wind breathe its piece while you’re safe behind the window
Try to find the courage to relax with me behind the window
I’ve been lost here once before and I still go
Before you stray too far
Listen to my voice

Everything behind in the broken light is like a movie
Your consideration has a price to pay, and it’s a steep fee
I’m no good at letting go, if you knew me
you’d surely say the same
Listen to my voice

I’m no stranger to the dark
Only fools see black and white all the time

Surrender to the moment cause the ride is cruel; it always will be
Don’t fall back, cause you’re needed here to share your beauty
There’s no right or wrong this time, it’s only living
Again, listen to my voice
Track Name: For a Long Time Coming
If you’re looking frustrated
with a smile
wait around here for awhile
Streets of frustration
I can’t get away
Oh no, I don’t want to stay

And for a long time coming,
I can’t come back here humming
my tunes of a life changed all around
From a long time of running
I cant come back here humming
my tunes of why I can’t handle it yet

If you’re looking for comfort
It’s only in dreams
I don’t know what that means
But if what you are is cold
and you’re feeling old
Well baby this place can’t help you here

Can you help me follow this?
Can you help me discover this?
Can you help me follow this through?

And now I know
just where to go
Cause someone keeps calling and calming me down
Track Name: Locked Inside
Woke up,
I found myself all alone
Took a drink
but I’m not so sure
And the mirror’s screaming at me again.
Go to sleep
to drone out the tone of the silent phone.

And my mother can’t tell me I’ll be alright anymore
Cause I know for sure
That I’m locked inside

Have a drink of tea
Write and email
I don’t know what to say
it goes something like do you have a place to sing
To the saddest face
Do you know what I mean

And I’m not the same
but I still want to escape
It’s a terrible fate
to be locked inside
on a day like this
It’s a fucking rollercoaster ride.

Go to sleep at 5
wake up at 6
And the dreams I had are all
going to make me feel so incomplete
that I just don’t wanna eat
Track Name: Fairy Tale
The magazine gone and wrote my fairy tale
Well I took that magazine and tore it up
and threw it in flames into a garbage truck
cause the magazine gone and wrote my fairy tale

It's been so long since I seen the light of day
The shades my eyes are accustomed to
have brought me down to the devils blues
cause it's been so long since I seen the light of day

You ask me why I'm going crazy
Well I'll tell you why
I'll tell you why
I was born with rebel and a broken heart
So everyday my life seems falls apart

To tell the truth don't mean to tell a lie
Is it the lies that sink me down
cause I wear the truth with a heavy crown
To tell the truth don't mean to tell a lie

Called out
I'm a known run
Weighed down for far too long
If I'm gonna run now
I don’t know where I'm going
alright I’m going but am I allowed to say
I know I done wrong
and I want to change
I want to change
For the better and for the worse

You ask me why I'm so damn troubled
well I'll tell you why
I'll tell you why
There are some things that just can't be said
Before you find out I'd rather be dead
Track Name: Lifeline
Happy are they
who don’t understand their burdens
Wait for the Lord to choose
Heaven or Hell
No need for rhyme or reason

Lucky is he
who takes what he’s given and offers no change
Has one too many, but
he doesn’t care
or waste his time searching for answers

Need a reason to live
Each time you falter or stumble
No need to forgive

We shared a lifetime
of hopes and repressions
it’s high time to live
A lifeline
of shared apprehensions and
we take what we give

I’ll tell you mine
if you show me yours
Our bags are all full
I’ll lend you a hand if you
take what you’ve got
I know it’s a lot to carry

Take a breath and hold on
Cling to the warmth that surrounds you
Always say, “carry on...”

How did I know
where you would go for shelter?
I saw you so clearly and
I see you now
You have to allow for something
Track Name: Weakest State
Is it that you’re running from all that brings you here
Lies that bring the sweetness falter and appear

You’ve lost your will to penetrate
You are you are your weakest state
You are the fool that blames your flame
But you carry on

Deceive your own true love so you would be alone
All that you ever were, not forgotten but gone

What has it come to? A falling back on sin
Feel the difference now that you’re old, a running race to the end
Track Name: Wait (remastered single)
Slow down it seems
A reassuring dream
I will let you hold on to me
Always knowing what it means

Falling down
Is what I've found
But wait
Cause I can see the silence
In the space
Between us

Slow down I'm here
Let them all disappear
I will hear your voice always and
You will see my weakest face

Falling down
Is what I've found
But wait
Cause I can see the silence
In the space
Between us

When is our time?

But wait
Cause I can see the silence
In the space
Between us